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Paneer Mattar Masala

Basically I am a non-vegetarian lover who loves to prepare and try new recipes with chicken and meat.But going for a vegetarian option I always prefer to make dishes using paneer.Paneer is readily available in all shops now.You can also prepare paneer at home by adding lime juice to the boiling milk,thereby curdling it and…More

Guava Jelly

Here is the simplest recipe of a guava Jelly which you can easily prepare at your home.This Jelly will be loved by all the guava lovers.You can also have it with bread if needed.It can also be consumed directly.Jelly’s are made of nothing more than fruit and sugar, boiled in water. It is the pectin…More

Mutton Stew

Mutton stew is a coconut based Mutton recipe which is enjoyed in kerala along with the breakfast dishes like appam,idiyappam,puttu,bread,etc.In this recipe,mutton is cooked in pressure cooker separately.People in kerala prefer it during various occasions like christmas,easter,marriage ceremonies,etc.I am basically not a mutton lover,when it is prepared in other forms.But this stew recipe is very…More

Fish Pie

Ingredients: Fish pieces(boiled with salt and bones removed)- 1/2 kg Oil – 1.5 tbspn Onion finely chopped- 1 large Green chillies chopped- 2 Ginger- 1/2 inch,ground to paste Potato-1,boiled and mashed Tomato-1,finely sliced For the sauce : 2 eggs Milk – 1/2 cup Water – 3/4 cup Butter- 50 gm Flour – 2 tbspn Pepper…More

Scrambled Egg Curry

Egg curries are usually one of the most common breakfast curries in kerala.It goes well with Paalappam(Hoppers),Idiyappam(String hoppers),Chappathi,poori,etc.This curry is also known as Bachelor’s egg curry.In this recipe,eggs are not boiled and kept aside for cooking.Instead, eggs are directly scrambled into the boiling curry.So,it is a very less time consuming curry.Do try this easy tasty…More

Chicken Fingers

Chicken fingers are finger shaped chicken that are marinated,dipped in the bread crumbs and finally fried in oil.Boneless chicken pieces are used to prepare this recipe of chicken.After marinating,these are rolled into finger shapes.It can be used as an evening snack or as a starter.These are crispier as well as tastier.Kids at your home will…More

Banana Blossom / Vazhachundu Cutlet

Banana blossoms are also called Kodappan or Vazhachundu.These are actually banana flowers.Cutlets made with vazhachundu / banana blossom is very tasty and are made by combining vazhachundu with potato and spices.The main task in this recipe is the cleaning of Banana blossoms.Rest is all easy and finally you can have a delicious vegetarian cutlet.Let us…More


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