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Banana Fritters
Evening snack

Banana Fritters

From my childhood memories, one of the best thing coming up in my mind is having hot banana fritters and tea while coming back home from school in the evening. My mom used to prepare this snack almost every weeks. There are different ways to prepare this snack. The difference is in the preparation of batter. These are the perfect ways to use the ripe bananas before they go bad. Serve this lovely crispy treat to your family.

Banana fritters


Banana – 4 no.

All purpose flour – 1 cup

Whole wheat flour – 1/4 cup

Rice flour- 1 tbspn

Sugar – 3 tbsp

Salt – 1/4 tspn

Turmeric powder- small pinch

Cumin seeds – small pinch

Water – 1.5 cup

Oil – to fry

Method of preparation:

  • Take a bowl and add all purpose flour,rice flour and whole wheat flour
  • To the bowl add sugĺar,salt,turmeric powder and cumin seed
  • Add 1.5 cups of water and mix well
  • Batter should not be too loose or too thick(should be thicker than dosa batter)
  • Taste and add sugar if needed
  • Peel and cut the banana into six slices
  • Heat oil in a kadai
  • Dip each banana slice in the batter one by one
  • Add 3 to 4 banana slices to the kadai
  • Fry the banana slice till both sides become crispy and golden brown
  • Transfer these banana slices to a tissue so that the excess oil is removed
  • Serve hot along with tea

Some things to note,

  • Oil should be hot before adding the banana slices
  • Batter consistency should not be too loose
  • Flame should be medium,else bananas will burn
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