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Kuttanad Duck Roast

Kuttanad Duck Roast

First let’s see the ingredients for this preparation.


1.Onions – 4

2.Tomato – 2

3.Greenchilli – 2

4.Fully cleaned Duck pieces – 1kg

5.Ginger garlic paste – 1 tspn

6.Coconut milk – 1 cup of 2nd milk and 3/4 cup of 1st milk


1.Take 1 kg of cleaned duck pieces in a bowl

2.Add half tspn of salt,half tspn of turmeric powder, 1 tspn of chilli powder and 1 tspn of Ginger garlic paste

3.Mix it well with hand and marinate it for 1 hour

4.After 1 hour,shallow fry all the duck pieces in oil

5.Take a pressure cooker and add 3 tablespoon of oil which was used for frying the duck pieces

6.Add 2 chopped onions and 2 green chillies to the oil

7.Blend the remaining 2 onions to form a paste

8.Add the onion paste and 2 tomatoes to the oil

9.Add curry leaves and saute well

10.Add half tspn of turmeric powder,1.5 tspn of Kashmiri chilli powder,2 tspn of coriander powder,1 tspn of meat masala and 1/4 tspn pepper powder to it

11.Add 1 cup of 2nd milk of coconut and allow it to boil

12.Now add the fried duck pieces

13.Cook the duck curry in pressure cooker

14.Transfer the boiled curry to a pan

15.Add 3/4 cup of 1st milk of coconut

16.Add some curry leaves and alow it to dry roast.

17.Slice one potato and fry it in oil to garnish the Duck roast

18.Our Kuttanadan Duck Roast is ready to serve.

Video : https://youtu.be/lh60B47bGcc

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