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Pineapple White Pudding

Pineapple white pudding

Pineapple white pudding

This is the recipe of an eggless pudding, which is prepared using milk and condensed milk. Here the base layer is prepared by mixing butter, pineapple preserve and biscuits. I had used homemade pineapple preserve for this pudding. Those who do not have pineapple preserve may substitute it with pineapple jam. If you pack the base layer tightly, the biscuits won’t float on the top when the custard is poured. I love to see few biscuit floating on the top, so I had not packed the base layer tightly.

There is a little bit of work in this pudding as we have to prepare the custard and also need to double boil the chinagrass at the same time. Make sure that the custard is not boiled. You have to only heat it. Then add chinagrass to the custard.

If you do this a couple of times, you will enjoy this cooking and it will get easier for you. This pudding recipe will be an excellent choice for you to treat your guests with happy tummy.


  • Condensed milk – 1 tin
  • Milk           – 2 tin
  • China grass- 8 grams
  • Sugar         – 3 tablespoon, as per your  taste
  • Homemade pineapple preserve- 1 cup
  • Butter, melted         – 50 g
  • Crushed marie biscuits – 12
  • Vanilla essence – 1 tablespoon

Method of preparation :

  • Chop the chinagrass into fine pieces and soak it in 3/4 cup of water, for half hour before we start preparing our pudding
  • Mix the milk and condensed milk in a vessel or saucepan
  • Switch on the flame and stir the mix continuously
  • Double boil the chinagrass on the other flame
  • Once the chinagrass is melted, add it to the custard evenly and stir well
  • Now add vanilla essence and switch off the flame before the custard boils
  • Take a pudding dish and arrange the mixture of butter, pineapple and biscuits such that it forms the base layer of the pudding
  • Now, strain the custard to our pudding dish as the second layer
  • Once cooled, our pudding will be set
  • Refrigerate for 2 hours and then you can cut it into desired shape and serve to your loved ones
Pineapple white pudding
Caramel Pudding

Caramel Pudding

This is a simple three ingredient pudding which is too easy to prepare. It is prepared using the basic ingredients available at our home. For all the sweet tooth out there, you can easily check out this recipe and prepare this delicious pudding yourself by sparing 30 minutes in your kitchen.

Here, the sugar is caramelised first and then the custard is poured over the caramelised sugar. This is absolutely an amazing dessert for your dining table as it will be loved by young and old equally.

You can add vanilla essence to add some extra flavor to this easy to cook pudding. What makes this pudding special is that we don’t require any setting agents like gelatin and agar-agar. Also, we no need to double boil or use oven. Just a steamer and basic kitchen utensils are only required to set this pudding.

Sounds so simple right ? So, I am sharing the recipe of this easy to cook pudding for you all. So now you can try at your home too and let me know your valuable feedbacks.


  • Milk – 500 ml
  • Eggs – 4
  • Sugar – 8 tablespoon + 3 tablespoon
  • Vanilla Essence – 1 tablespoon
  • Water – 1 tablespoon
Ingredients for caramel pudding

Method of preparation :

  • Heat 3 tablespoon of sugar with 1 tablespoon of water in a heavy bottom vessel
  • Wait till the sugar gets melted and turns golden brown in colour
  • Allow the caramelised sugar to get little harden in the vessel, then keep it aside
  • Mix eggs, sugar, vanilla essence and warm milk in a bowl
  • Whisk and stir until everything are combined properly
  • Pour the milk mixture into the caramelised heavy bottom vessel which is kept aside
  • Cover the vessel using an aluminum foil and steam it for 30 minutes or until the pudding is set completely
  • Cool down to room temperature and then refrigerate it
  • Transfer it to a plate by scraping the sides of the vessel using a knife and then you have to cut it into pieces
  • You can also serve the pudding hot.
Pineapple Bread Pudding

Pineapple Bread Pudding

Pineapple bread pudding

Pineapple bread pudding is a dessert which is mainly made of bread slices, pineapple jam and milk. In this pudding, bread slices are simply soaked in the milk with other ingredients and is then steamed or baked.

This is a very simple recipe of pudding. We no need to add any gelatin or agar agar to this pudding. Here, we are steaming the pudding using a steamer. You can also bake the same.

Be careful while preparing caramel for this pudding. You have to stir the sugar continuously in low flame. Or else, the sugar may get burnt and the caramel will become bitter in taste.

I had used homemade pineapple jam in this recipe. I will be uploading the recipe of pineapple jam in my site soon. So, if you do not have homemade jam, you can go for readymade jam which is available in our markets.

The speciality of this pudding is, you can serve it either hot or the remaining can be refrigerated and serve cold. You can store the pudding for 3 to 4 days in refrigerator.

Ingredients :

  • Bread – 8 slices
  • Milk – 500 ml
  • Egg – 2
  • Sugar – 1 cup
  • Pineapple jam – 1/2 cup
  • Butter – 2 teaspoon
  • Vanilla essence – 1 teaspoon

For caramel :

  • Sugar – 4 tablespoon
  • Water – 2 tablespoon

Method of preparation:

  • Mix milk, sugar, 1/4 cup of pineapple jam, vanilla essence and make a custard
  • Add butter and the beaten eggs also
  • Stir till the sugar dissolves completely in milk
  • Soak the bread slices in the milk mixture
  • Mix well till the bread becomes soft
  • Take a pan and add 4 tablespoon sugar
  • In low flame stir the sugar along with 2 tablespoon of water
  • Switch off the flame when the sugar becomes golden brown in colour
  • Transfer the caramel to a vessel and spread evenly on the base of the vessel
  • Then add the milk mixture to the vessel
  • Spread the remaining 1/4 cup of pineapple jam randomly on the top of the milk mixture
  • Cover the vessel with an aluminum foil, and make small holes on the foil
  • Keep the vessel in a steamer for 25 minutes or bake the pudding in oven
  • If the pudding gets detached from the edge of vessel, it means that the pudding is cooked
  • Further, allow the pudding to cool
  • Transfer the pudding to a refrigerator for 2 hours
  • After 2 hours, invert the pudding to a plate
  • Cut it into pieces and serve.
Snow White Satin Mango Pudding

Snow White Satin Mango Pudding

This is the recipe of a sweet and smooth pudding, where the top portion will be little fluffy. It is a bit time consuming preparation, but the wait is really worth. This pudding has 5 layers which starts from biscuits at the base to whipped cream at the top. You can prepare it at your home for your guests and I am sure they will definitely love it. It will be easier for you if you prepare this pudding on the previous day and refrigerate. Since the top portion is similar to snow, we call it as snow white satin.


  • Milk – 2 cup
  • Eggs – 2
  • Gelatine – 2 tbspn
  • Mangoes – 2
  • Marie Biscuit – 6 no’s
  • Butter – 3 tbspn
  • Cornflour- 1 tbspn
  • Sugar – 3/4 cup + 2 tbspn
  • Whipping cream – 1/2 cup
  • Sugar balls – to decorate

Method of preparation:

1) Preparing Mango puree :

  • Peel and cut two ripe Mangoes
  • Add it into a mixer jar
  • Add 2 tablespoon of sugar and blend it till smooth
  • Strain it and add to a pan for boiling
  • Keep the mango puree aside in a small bowl

2) Preparation of Pudding:

  • Soak Gelatine in 1/4 cup of water for 10 minutes
  • Take two eggs,separate the egg white and yolk into two bowls
  • Beat the egg white till it reaches fluffy and keep it aside
  • Beat the egg yolk in a saucepan
  • Add 2 cups of milk to the saucepan
  • Then add cornflour and 3/4 cup sugar to it
  • Add Vanilla essence and butter
  • Double boil the Gelatine and add it to the saucepan
  • Boil the milk mix till it becomes slightly thicker
  • Beat the Whipping cream using a hand mixer
  • Take a glass bowl and add the biscuit  pieces
  • Add the mango puree over the biscuit pieces
  • Add the boiled milk mix
  • Gently arrange the beaten egg white over it using a fork,so that it looks like snow
  • Add whipping cream over it and decorate with sugar balls
  • Cover it using an aluminum foil and refrigerate it for 4 – 6 hours
  • Our pudding is ready to serve.
tender coconut pudding

Tender Coconut Pudding

Tender Coconut is a natural rehydrating drink which is free from chemicals. It has anti oxidant properties and even supports heart health. Coconut water contains lauric acid which provides immunity to our body. Pregnant women are suggested to have it during pregnancy by the doctors. Being such a beneficial drink, we can consume it in different ways. Tender coconut pudding is one of the best recipes from Tender coconut. This recipe is easy as well as simple to make. This is a popular dessert item of Kerala. It is also known as ‘Elaneer’ pudding.

First let’s see the ingredients for this preparation.


  • Tender Coconut flesh – 4 tbspn
  • Coconut water – 1 cup
  • Milk – 1/2 cup
  • Gelatine – 2.5 tspn
  • Sugar – 4 tbspn

Method of Preparation :

*Soak gelatine in 1/4 cup of coconut water

*Using a mixer-grinder,-grind coconut flesh in 1/2 glass of coconut water

*Boil the milk and sugar in a saucepan

*Add gelatine mix to this saucepan

*Switch off the flame

* Add coconut flesh paste along with 1/4 cup of the remaining coconut water to this saucepan

*Strain the saucepan contents to a glass bowl

*After it gets cooled, keep the bowl in a refrigerator and allow it to set

*After 4 hours the pudding will become set

*Serve it and enjoy this delicious pudding.

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