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Ghee Rice

Ghee Rice | Pressure cooker Ghee Rice

First let’s see the ingredients for this preparation.


1.Basmati Rice or Jeerakasala Rice – 1 cup

2.Cinnamon – 2 small

3.Cardamom – 2

4.Cloves – 3

5.Fennel seed – 1/4 tspn

6.Salt – as per taste

7.Cashewnut – 8

8.Raisins – 15

9.Ghee – 2 teaspoon

Preparation :

1.Take a pressure cooker and add 1 tspn of oil and ghee

2.Add all the spices

3.Add 1 chopped onion and saute well

4.Add Basmati Rice(Rice should be washed and soaked for 20 minutes and water needs to be drained)

5.Saute the rice for 2 minutes

6.Add 1.5 to 2 cups of water and little salt to it

7.Close the lid of the Pressure cooker and wait for 1 steam

8.Take a pan and add 1 tspn of Ghee and oil

9.Roast Cashews, Raisins and remaining 2 chopped onions

10.Add a portion of Roasted cashews ,raisins and onion to the rice once it gets boiled

11.Transfer the Rice to a serving bowl

12.You can add additional ghee to the boiled rice if needed

13.You can use the remaining roasted cashews, raisins and onion to garnish our rice

14.You can also add coriander leaves to garnish along with it

Our Ghee Rice is ready to serve
ready to serve

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