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Cooking tips

Hi all ! Here I am sharing with you some of the tips you can definitely try in your kitchen while cooking.

For all preparations of pork, mix pork pieces well with salt and keep aside for 20 minutes. Then wash and make any dish required. The fatty skin of the pork will be soft like butter when cooked! Try!

While frying fish add little lime juice or vinegar with the chilly paste used for frying; It will taste better. Serve with fried onions.

When preparing sambar use asafoetida without roasting. Sambar tastes better without tamarind and with more tomatoes.

While preparing pickles, keep them in the sun for a day or two and mix them well intermittently. This helps the pickle to last longer.

Plum cake tastes better if a table spoon full of milk powder (for 6 eggs) is mixed with the flour.

To make palappam soft, and more tasty, use roasted rice flour and little flour also. The correct proportion is 3 is to 1. (For 3 cups of rice flour add 1 cup of flour )

More tips are on the way. Happy cooking.

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